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Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy,          Supervision and Training

Gestalt is the quintessential relational therapy. The original birthplace mindful awareness. Based in here and now process of relationship, it is paradoxical and dialogically non dualistic. 
It's ordinary  everyday wholeness  (gestalt/form) incorporates all aspects of human relationship :Sexual, Spiritual and Relational .Creating aliveness vibrancy and ground .Here the self has a unique flavour of process, adaptation and form resolution. Boundary creation and destructive in the service of the authentic evolving self.

      Tim Carrette

Your happiness exists in direct proportion to your ability to accept life as it is.

Your emotions are your allies


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Tim Carrette Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy

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There are still places in my Therapeutic Relational Process Group

£35.00 fortnightly in Scarborough.Contact me for details.

"Every single thing in this world exists only in relation to the whole system. Because, the important point to realize here is that existence is relationship. Relationship is another word for existence. There is no yang without the yin. It is the relationship of yang and yin that enables yang to be possible and yin to be possible, solid to be possible and space to be possible, up and down, life and death, being and non-being. It is a relationship. So that, for example: if I have a drum, but there is no skin on the drum, it doesn't matter how hard I hit it. It will make no sound, because the sound is the relationship of the drum-skin and the hand. And you can carry that principle all the way along. In other words, if I shout in a completely non-resonating environment, I will make no noise […] Fundamentally, then, the relationship of all of us together, of all society, constitutes every one of us. We are—as individuals, as personalities—what we are in terms of a human community, and of an inter-locking complex of communities." ~Alan Watts speaking in "Ecological Awareness" 


Nottingham, Derbyshire and The Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institue Scarborough

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