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The  Eternal Dance Of Sense and Soul

Tim Carrette

January 2010








Is not love that which flows through all hearts?

Whilst they play out the dances of Maya?


And is not faith a knowing from deep in our soul

That they both lead to the same place……eventually?


And is not this eventual place actually, Now?



















































Once upon a time “I” held a belief

“I” swallowed a truth not mine

That unless” I” cast aside “my” joys

No fruits and no harvest will ever be


Now “I” is in the  hands of fate

Let eternity be its only design

There is no reality “I” can define

No ways of untold dreams


A healing wind has blown this face

And the maya masks have slipped a little

To respect the way of all things

As they teach this way to be


“I am” is a tiny part of  Sacred Mystery

“I” am is a truth on its own

“I am” is not only the “I” from which “I” seems to speak

But also the speech, the spoken and the spoken too.




















































“I am” is beset by the mystery

Grasping at forms to create

Exactly which call am “I” responding to now?


Stay with the mystery

Hunt for the symbol

Notice my hunger

Stare into the fullness of space


Wait a while

Then notice still more

Emerging ceaselessly



Deeply embrace        ……….        All is everything.


























This “I” calls upon vagrants of wonder

To release the “me” from this prison of dreams

Where roundabouts swing in confusion

And life is a little less than it seems.


Contempt, oh beautiful contempt

For all but it’s most exceptional

I know  calls for responses

And ask only for delivery.


There is a gift, a presence an art

Ripe young virgins playing at tarts.

Relax into the heavens of immortal bliss

Laughing for the recovery of yesterdays kiss.


Laughing at insanity speaking out loud

Preaching morality from behind a cloud.

A clown I am in professional disguise

Looking from nowhere into otherness eyes.


Wine by the gallon submerged with intent

My childhood lost, my spontaneity spent.

Knock at my door you’ll never get in

Some have tried, some, no, most gave in.


At last I cries tears of jest

Complaining that mortality is a test

This body, this bed, this poor heart beating

Dreaming of unforgiving meetings


Swallows move swift

Swifts must swallow

Life seems like drudgery                           

Empty and hollow


Bees make wax, honey and death.

Life is a prison death the threat of ownership


Don’t talk like this put a smile on your face

Your bleeding heart speaks words of disgrace












SO WHAT ! I shout at the preacher in the storm

God damn your puny morality roar.


Life is life,death and neither

Death is death , life and both

There is  only  this unknown journey of bliss.


First the pulpit then the meat

 Now the lion and then the cheat

Don’t forget nobody really knows

What the wind is or where the wind blows


Grandeur and splendor are temporary glimpses

Of a game I play called princess and princes

Reality bites and costs heavy thunder

Destroys dreams of hope and wonder


Enough, enough of this transient talk

For there is a no certainty beyond illusion

No truth beyond truth


Listen in each moment

To a deeper truth

Listen with all your heart

Move beyond proof



 Yes, this moment is all there is

And even if its painful, pain is bliss

“Pain is bliss”, what crap, crap you talk

when you move beyond thought


For pain, yes, pain is a part of it all

From the tiniest feeling to the largest fall

It moves as do you,  I  and the rest

Stay with it, live it

For “it” stays just as long as “it” needs

And leaves only when “its” time.

























A story:

Young Christian hands strangled a  me

Purple cloaks hid my fear

This beingness lost in promises of blue horizons

Trapped in the journey of the absolute.

Hidden figures lurk in very grey buildings

Musty old smells in pew ridden stalls

Glorified mixtures, celebratory madness

And covert messages that resign you to hell


Fires of blood and lost illusions

Screams of torture penetrate

Tears on the alter, no chalice for mine

Good and bad immortally defined.


Gods indoctrinated empire of fools

Brainwashed choirboys, pretty clean smiles

Under their cassocks they fondle their joy

And messages seep through to damn this boy.


Animal freedom caught in a snare

False smiling old ladies and their tea-party care

Floating souls float far away

Dancing on graves at midnight masturbating moonlight


There is no escape from theological rape

Where new ideas become satanic fears

Souls who leave bleed and bleed

Emancipated only by their freedom


Congregational chanting, obedient bliss

Preaching the morality of the absent kiss

Making love with visions of redemptious messiahs

Void only of myself and my earthly desires.























This whole Cosmic show is all there is for tea

This whole Cosmic show is you, everyone and me.


This whole Cosmic show may drive you round the bend

And look, look at what is around the bend

It’s the whole Cosmic show again

There is no end.


But wait I’ve found it there is an end

This whole cosmic show has messages to send


Messages, what messages are these?

They are those that tell you to live as you please.


To live as I please I can’t surely do that

For I am a rat and I am racing  in fear of the cat


You are the cat, the rat and the whole god dam race

You dress as you wish covering your original face



This original face of primordial emptiness

Once recognized as such is not such a test


Just living as fun and death for a rest

This whole cosmic show is deity blessed


Yes deity blesses all that there is

It is the spirit in forms that is total bliss


Now what sort of person writes all this crap?

Well that question comes from a destructive chap

The chap of chaos who disowns his pride

And takes only order to be his bride


This person is you when owned and accepted

And these are the words that you have selected

Words that have come from deep in your soul

From the place in you that is totally whole


That place where you know you and I are one

The place where life and death have always begun

Right here and now that is all there is

This whole cosmic show is just show bizz!















I met a beautiful mermaid whilst upon a rock I slept. With a kiss I awoke as she gently spoke:


“ I come with words of guidance,

for your journey is your quest,

your wanting is timely and our meeting an indication that you are indeed ready to explore the depths of the oceans of love.

You cannot go totally alone.

You must go with someone who can hold your hand without touching it and touch your heart through the grip of your hand.”


Then she slipped back into the sea leaving only a poem and a love-fetish.




Caught in a vibration between moon and sun,

A rainbow spectrum of colours,

The earth spins a life.


You will find love where light and dark converge,

Where nothing and everything combine,

To bring body and spirit alive.


Then in a flickering light,

In the ebb and flow,

Then in the opposite attracting distraction,

Beneath the light of the balanced dance of immaculacy.


You will see light lighting up light,

Raw spirit meeting raw earth.

For she is found in the way

The moon moves the tides

Regardless of the sun.


It is felt, she creates all tears,

She is held in the warm moments of a flame,

Blown in the freedom of a breath,

And is heard only in the words

Of sounds that taste like

The lingering smell of her kiss.
















Welcome to the royal chamber of exaltation

Where tiny princesses dance in flowing frocks

And meditating Buddha’s sit still beneath rocks

Amidst the cascading memory of beautiful nymphs


This is the home of fairy tale castles

Whose pastel colours invite the strangest of folk

If you look for too long they turn to stone

Half seen by children dripping magically to bone


Strange creatures hanging from ceilings

Small trees growing from their heads

Echoing birdsong too quick for mine

Pools of deep beauty disappearing sublime


Sunrays beat down on rippling waters

Reflected on mossy rocks flickering half quarters

Oh magical places of celestial realms

My dreamlands in wake time overwhelm




































Blackbird on white snow

Together the icicle sun melts my knowing
























Hide,young methodicals, hide from your own volition

Question all that your spirit does not flee from

For all is everything that ever shall be

A moment that I can play tricks with


An illusion I have given chase to

So listen with your ultimate embrace

Caress with immortality

That which sweetens infinite palates


Run through rhythmic waters

A time left to trickle by

Beneath hardened skies

Before vast oceans


Lie creations upon creations

Life forms, forming destructions

All that is not wise is wisdom

Tombs of aforementioned bliss











No longer do I write as though I am separate from my writing

I write ,as much as these words call my pen across this paper

I think not unlike the shapes and patterns of my thoughts as they carve out their nature,

Breeding their culture upon cultures

I wriggle and writhe the separation game.

Everybody else plays along, insistently

Before me ebbs and flows chaos

Whilst I enjoy the continuity of chaotic rhythms

Once enjoyed curiously addicted

Bred to flee pain

Told I’m not to enjoy the pleasures of rain upon skin

I do not listen perhaps I was not meant to really

Only to the echoes of a pattern that is fading, faded with mercy.

And so breath breathes through breath

Heart beats upon heart

One thing leads to another

Voids become creations, white turns to black.

Sun and wind dance upon skin

Opening and closing games and patterns revolving

Thoughts comfort systematically molding an order

A rich rhythm giving way only so far and then the crunch and another one appears.

Curves curving, up and down

Textures bursting into difference

Difference upon difference becomes a similarity

Nestled in congress

Commonly chanted opinion

One that is externally sought after

Separation calls for connection

As much as connection wants to break free

Here is a flow

Here is a contrast

Here is another contrast

Here is another flow

























I impregnate my soul with the temptation of humanity

With an inseparability of glossy realms

Tired with insomnia I call my death to sleep

Beneath my stars hang variety moons


My rockiness plays with my oceanic impatience

Dancing smooth flow licking glugs into human ears

Its inappropriate to laugh at consistency

As though there is an imbalance to be found


Grace weaves her soft horizons

Motionless through moist thighs

Advancing ceaselessly annoying old angels

God knows why


There but for going sake go I

Into the caverns of time

The rich anticipation  of a place unknown

Contrived and intentionally sublime


The sun seats are sighing

The bow sheep are blind

Frolic in the hay day of denial

Answer the way I do when I smile


She is over there my mythology,

My beauty and beast combined

Hiding from compromise

Tickling young vermin

Staying all alone , reading on the phone

Messages from the sages

Sent throughout all ages

Of a time spent together

Of a balance not yet known.
















Take the sun from my legs for they are burning

Take time from life’s equation and settle yearning

Take request as a rich proceeding

Leave only devils dullness near to bleeding


Sip thy merry froth

For all is teaching

Meet my every blocked out reasoning

People scream alas for meaning

Still I know that Iam teething

Sprouting in earnest, darling young earth turning.


Cicadas warmth and birdsong breeding

Tiny young Greek voices

Void of meaning, for me I lay

In eternal misleading


Hanging out over an aimless precipice

For the young to be discouraged and the old to dismiss


Eating the youngest of fruits

And summer is still burning

Its way through the human heart

Along the strengths of soul’d illusion



Get out and get with it , the preachers cry

Trading teeth and eyes for fairness

In riches for splendor your royal amour decries

The mystical knowledge of flowers and flies

Until all resolved is bitten with ice

Smarting unusual , God’s only price


One last chance to save our earth

From eternal decay , merriment and mirth


Tomorrow will be too late, too late by far

A wasp that can sting is best kept in a jar

Doors that are open should not always be entered

Precaution prevents events last lamented


Only a lonely soul wanders free

Tis a pleasure for a moment

And what more does the explicit domain

Arch a calculated breath of inspirational guise

An immortal and invisible divine surprise


Two streets are crowded, a third is resigned

To the battleground prices

Of fairies playgrounds






Beneath the still waters

Lie stiller waters too

Where blues cut across purples

And days daze amuse


Bird flies heading into flock

Tired child’s foot in comfortable sock

Sleep poor misery, sleep through the war

Pretend that all’s well and well are the all

Try listening to people only with your ears

Collapse yourself into tears upon tears


Shed all that you can

Collect a little less you try

There are some willing to help

Others willing to die


I on the otherhand know both ways as much

Go either or either and still stay in touch

With nothing and everything

All in one go

With stillness and quiet

With warmth and with glow


How do I finish when finish is not yet

Prey too that you also get caught in my net





Pages and pages of poetic verse

Pour through my heart and head for thought

From where do you come

Young stirrings now “mine”

Are you immortal, humane or divine?


As crazy as it is to ask for an answer

I still allow my curiosity to dance

To dance the great dance

Of lesser known dancers

Where a movement stirs through me

A glance taken lightly


Part of it all, part all-mighty

Contained in this seed that is sown

Spread in delight

Mysteriously woven as if it were right

And I know so little about the river that flows.


And yet I know everything that comes and goes

Still pouring inky thoughts

Still weaving heartfelt lines





Stuck for a moment, music is time

No, she said and then faded into forever

Bedridden consequences, chastity yawns

Kings are the queen’s mildest pawns


Smoky laid wreaths

Bonnets forlorn

Eyes heavy, worries drawn

To you I say no sorrow and sorrow is born

Hand in hand, breast contented

Pain is written though entertained by magicians

Mask wearing weasels

Who ignore  the wisdom

Of an hour’s meditative contemplation.














































I do not enjoy being clothed in your cities

Cemented fear mazes masking vulnerability

Still I trust in my rhythms enough

To enjoy my evolution of which you are a part


I do not fear death and destruction

I do not need any faith

For I move beyond comfort by not knowing


This temporary dis-ease is a guide

A harmonious pinnacle of pride

I know you love me really

When your storm has ceased

 you can let yourself go gently into sleep


Amid distant thunder skies

Beyond surety disguise

Outstanding whispers of immaculate time

Racing onward proceeding forward into now


We needed our war these two parts of I

Wholly improbable though cast aside

Now we call each other together

As we have done many times before


Glory to mountainous reason

Seasonally adjusting rhythms


You have taken nothing from me that is not yours already

I give you everything in return

Part of journeying together is divisive


Blood on rich earth

Tears in the wind


























Steady and surefooted we marched

Into the chambers of exaltation

Whose hairy mounds

Dripped in anticipation


“What is it that you want?” cried the royal guards of protection

Before they flew off into oblivion


I knew then of my invitation

And packed my solid horse without pretence

I saw before me a great majestic unfolding

And could already taste the sweet juices of her temple


It was then that I felt her calling

Intuitively I entered slowly at first

Pulse beating heart breath

Softness of breast


I drink at her temple, Goddess milk

Symbolically swallow in unison

Faster now, horses canter

Meadows upon meadows


Baron fields and fertile seeds

I plant them all

A million small fishes, swim oceans

Rocks and crevices


I pause for the longest of moments

Soften my glare

Warm my loins

Until the sucklings sound a seperation once more

And I wander physical aloneness in flesh






















Oh sea, I know not what moves you

What forms your shingling movements along shorelines

I have heard it is the moon

Though I care not to hear further explanation

Content as I am to know of the connection


Soft wetness and home to many forms

Rocks and crevices support and shelter

Because you too are prone to be wild

Your rough play takes life, oh gentle giant


Still I like your spirit, your essence

It is the part of me which groans

Whistling through your mists

Hiding your oceanic treasures


You are alive, your heart is an earth pulse

Your storms are your childhood rage

Your sunsets are meditative and blue


In your honesty I will visit you

From time to time over many years

For once I lived with you

And one day will return, if only for a while.






























We’re lonely buggers, us poets

Desperately seeking acknowledgement

Please see me, hear me, feel me


If you like you can buy a tiny portion of me

Let us entwine a while

May I caress your heart

Emotionally entice you


For it is a lonely world

And in these quiet moments we may meet

A gentle hold

Another beautiful.







This “I” speaks words of a future not wholly mine

An echo or symbiotic tie

Each touch not made when wanted

Each invasive presence of hand

Echoes in a time unwanted

Discordance, unconcious, sublime


Were I not to take my place

In your heart as a condition of grace

Then what? Then who?


I know this call to fatherhood

To be a response

Of immense importance


An evolutionary force from my soul depths

Where I already know you as mine

There is no river of blood

No genetic import

This is something beyond pure earthy physicality

This is heart calling heart

Beating a feeling in rhythm


There is no clear alter of form

No more a spiritual truth than, what is

Is meant to be


In response by respect

For a tiny unique form

Carving a star amongst stars in this galaxy of ours

A connection we pretend we don’t know   .














“Death is nothing at all”

Death is no-thingness at the mercy of the all.

Iam the I in all of you.

The you in all I’s (eyes)

This room, the next room,all rooms

Contain a sense of what was

Something always remains unchanged.

I will call you by all names

And speak to you as I see fit.

Difference may travel through my love

Occasionally with the face of solemnity and sorrow.

My laughter, play and smiles indeed

My whole life is a prayer to you.

In that way you shall never leave the house of my soul.

Speech without effect

Is the ghost and the shadow of loving forms

“Life means all that it ever meant”

Nothing, except that which is

Created in each moment.

This will always be so.

“Absolutely unbroken continuity”. All is flow.

Death is no accident , it is negotiated

By greater powers than the individual.

The correlation of mind and sight

Have always been only part of the equation.

There is no need to wait

For that which is already here.

No intervals or corners exist

In God’s holy land.

“All is well” is only one way

of looking at the whole.

Death enables us to see this.

Death is a gift of spirit

Painfully difficult to behold.


(Written in memory of my Mother,

 Susan Carrette)















Immaculately poisoned self dragons

Eager to implant their way

Lonely creatures on the edge of a knife

A life leaking away


So are all impenetrable sources

Contained within the light

Brighter than either wasp determination

And succinctly appointed by mood


May all young beings eventually turn

Turning slowly inside out

Bitten by this strange desire to emerge

Always out of chasms


Next young men turn fist

And women shriek in bliss

Noise amongst the caverns

Toil will endeth blight


Another parade some time shared out

At last the meaning swine

Spoils immaculate

Then a voice transcends infinity


Into another form you go

Into another jail I go

Only to be freed into new lands

Born again with each last breath


Stay close, stay melting memories

Fades another day

Lately I only feel the mystery

I know I am unknowable.
























Can you be brave enough?

To contemplate the void

To stare into nothingness

Until you become nothingness


Stay until there is no more or less

Reach beyond implication

Touch only perfect imperfection

Glorious bliss


Watch as bliss melts into chaos

As the separation chiefs

Yield only a beginning

An event captured within time


A line in the middle of boundarylessness

Touch a perceptive possibility

Maybe , just maybe

There is more than otherness







































Steady under foot

Choose carefully each new place

Knowing that deeply, heart beats

Birdsong dancing grace


Eventually all unfolds

To behold the opposite

Eventually all is told

To children, softly


A single dewdrop

Rests on mourning flower

Born from the death of night

Miraculously set alight


By the birth of new creation

Day rings exaltation

Sacred celebration

Of the earthly divine


Subliminal expectations

Echo in the chorus of time

Distracting me from

The pleasant peace contained within a moment


Relaxing me into everything

To a place I know well

Some call it heaven some call it hell

I say it is neither bell nor sound

But the curious way the two penetrate oblivion.






























The silver birches hung well that Autumn

Silently dropping old leaves on young heads

Oblivious child follows life’s dream

Anxious mother occasionally sees


Beauty for all it really is

Ugly grotesque magnanimous

Dark comparable backgrounds

From which we see the light.












Iam beset by the mystery

Grasping at forms to create

Exactly which call am I responding to now?


Stay with the mystery

Hunt for the symbol

Notice my hunger

Stare into the fullness of space


Wait a while

Then notice still more

Emerging ceaselessly



Deeply embrace        ……….        All is everything.



























O perfect mystery of untold worlds

Whose gifts manifest all beauty

May I offer you eternal blessings?

May all your fears fade in mists of glory


You who are one to all things

Creative, divine, immortal, sublime,

And whose depths are known to few

And whose jewels are but a blessed dew on this mossy carpet of mine


Alas does Shiva weep tears of forgiveness

For all those who have trespassed

For all those who have betrayed

By their deeds many hearts have closed


Yours is a forever way

Forever surrendering to the gifts of vulnerability

Yielding moist passions

Opening with blissful intent


It is the way of all hearts to open,

Rhythmically within Goddess time

Synchronistic ally hearts drip Love juices,

Trickling their way,

Through the celebratory caverns of timeless Yoni


I bow to you dear Shakti

I worship at your temples

And drink celestial juices from your shrine

Consciously we are entwined within the ecstatic energy of the divine.


















This most celestial of plants

Eased himself open once more

Shimmering rays of summer sun

turning dewdrops into pearls

on petal lips


He knew she was close by.


Every cell of his being felt her heavenly vibrations.

Within the cosmic dualism of all energies

He stood proud

Awaiting this most universal of dances


Flowers are the sexual organs of plants

They serve only the divine

The Bee Goddess needs her pollen

For how else is she to share the richness?

Of her sweet, sweet rhythm


Suddenly there she was, calling beyond all callings.

Radiant, magnificent, translucent.

From her high priestess seat perusing eternal choices.

Near, so near her vibrations echo as her sweet perfume fills my heart.


Gone, gone again.

Oh so far away into choruses of mad oblivion.

Then Great God of Holy orders,

her ecstatic nibbles penetrate.

I surrender my humble offerings

To this most hallowed of moments

Moist and enthralling she entices me into her ethereal chambers

I celebrate all that there is

Oneness, Advaita, Tao, Bliss




Perhaps I knew she wouldn’t stay

Although she fleetingly revisited


Perhaps this is my way to share in all my splendor

Earthly divinities with those who travel the skies?


Until wilted I die knowing ineffably of my eternal rebirth.


Still I wonder about the way of the Bee Goddess.

Her way is the freedom of the skies,

The temporary union and eventual demise

All for the Love of honey









Still I wonder how little she knows of my ways

Of staying firmly planted in Mother Earth

To lie in stillness, is-ness

and the forever faith of the seasons


Slowly I move

Gentle my surrender

Drawing subliminal juices from Mother Earth

with the continual blessing of Father sky





I too am a Bee Goddess

You too a celestial flower

All is one in God’s wholly empire

Many are our ways













When opened all parcels

Contain the same gift

Love in many guises

Don’t criticize my form

Notice this

Love like water follows the path of least resistance.

























So let the winds blow through me

may such subtle instruments of Divinity

play my tune


I know no such place as the still calm waters of my soul

For all that I am is a breath of God

Heralded by mixed illusion


Seen clearly by the hills,

the sheep,

and the rich majesty of natures perfection


Perfect only in its absolution of all things


Deaths dance carries mission highways

soul descendants of lost times


Creative impulses

stolen from memories

of a destiny yet untold


Hallowed be the name of the Gods

Be they grass or stone

seen or held


Tis the light I follow

tis the dreams that guide

tis this blessed journey

and its milestones of truth realisation



That is, is here

 carefully turning each page

Singing softly into each open heart

Touching all beings

with the immensity of Love

Loving all beings thoroughly Divine.














Is it you who dances so freely in the moonlight?

Is it your hands that caress my naked truth?

Is it our hearts that split amidst simple reason?

Is it our child we hold above the emotional precipice of calamity?


And who will catch us in our fall?

Who will hold us tight to earthen breast?

Whilst we cry the tears of the madness clowns

The ones who laugh at love

and who destroy the safety balms

whilst the hell fires roar

and we gaze upon

the needlessly slaughtered lamb

of our petrified innocence.

This is the stream

that carries the water of life

and these are the winds that blow soft love

through fearful hearts


And this is the earth

upon which I lay


As we stoked the fires

of creation play


As yours is the womb

of our unborn child

When tomorrow reveals its chaotic rhymes


And so where is the path that takes us home?

Where is the valley

where pure truth stands alone?


And how will we know it when we arrive?

And which journey is to become my sacred bride?


Upon whose breath shall I pour my wine?


When the unknown lives

beyond all time

















Love is a beast

of which we all want a piece

It cannot be stolen

It cannot be grasped


For it can slip away so very fast


A stranded ship without a mast

Upon whose waters we all set sail


Love boats are so very frail


Only the ocean stands the test

For it knows the rhythms beyond

worst and best


It knows that ebb and flow

still dance

both sides of this sacred romance


Love lost and found

is just a veil

upon which oceans we set sail


No wonder we live

No wonder we die

No wonder there is you

No wonder for I

No wonder

No wonder

no wonder.





The universe is far stronger

than idle wishes


She weaves

Serenity fabrics

soul to soul


She weaves

heart connections

that take us home


Why then do we persist with idle chatter?


Why then act as if

your tiny particle life view

even matters?








Because each tiny particle is but a stitch

that holds wholeness together

and through which love rides



Forever cascading

through the immortal halls

of innocent wishes




If as they say

it is through pain we grow


Why then so little do we know?


Why are we not masters of bliss?


Who touch equanimity

when blessed with a young child’s kiss




Because then the ceaseless game of hide and seek

would be over

and the Divine masters

would roar with laughter

forever and ever
































Essences plays and dances upon soul routes

Hiding potential certaintanty ,Divine

Seeking beyond moments creating a  mine


Only love knows what is true

Only love knows what to do


Dance this dance

Love this love


For this love is all love, softly disguised


Touch only bliss

Speak all that is

Unweaving our way back home to now


Past loves are in the past stories,

Love Now

There is  no harm

Eyes full of wonder words full of charm







Future loves are future stories

Love Now

Independent of form

Eyes full of wonder, hearts torn




When the love that you love seems to fade

Is it only out of dreams that its made?

Is Love not the fuel for all dreams?

Endlessly still and more than it seems


As the essence is continuously replayed

















Essence precedes form.

Form becomes essence.

The addiction of pleasure

The order of special ness.

pleasure is such a soft gain

delighting in difference appreciates same

a heart without a body

leaving love ashore


Essence precedes form

Form becomes essence.

The attraction of pain

The disorder of nothingness

pain is such a deep gain

disgusted by indifference manipulating same

body without a brain

love without a door


Essence is form

Form is essence.

luminous equilibrium

The order-less everything

That contains the order

All is given and taken away

The different parts of the same

Feeling body thoughts

Grounded in a love that.... soars upon rapture..
































Beat Zen-Anything-goes


The  anchorless ship has no bay

It is blown by the winds of formlessness

Day after day


Floating on and on not knowing any ground

There are no ears to hear this soundless sound

No form to mould this clay less life

No cake to be cut, no hand, no knife


Soon even the wood and sails deplete

Dis-integrate beneath weary feet

Soon this body can swim no more

Soon the ocean swallows up this form




Square Zen-Nothing-moves


So set this ship ashore, set it rigid, set it tight,

For we cannot risk the oceans play for fear of similar plight,

We must nail down that which moves

For movement implies risk

We must forever stay by our words

For without them we are lost

Lost in words, chastised against risk

Many fortunes are to be missed

Safely, so safely we lower our aims

And see only the veils of our own petrified illusory  reflection.



Zen-“The Tao (way) which can be named is not the eternal Tao”


This vision has no anchor and no silvery chain

The opportunity to never be the same

Rest for a while in my bay

I will safely uncontain


All that’s been heard, all that’s been felt

 What is known is this inter-emotional- relating terrain

 It was  before and after all  time

We are its rhythms,  We are its rhymes


Look and observe without intent

The relational processes where “you”have” is spent








What is  this life and who are you?

What is it this being ? What is there to do?

What is the trance into which “you” have bought?

And how much of absolute authenticity have you sold or taught?


What if I say “NO” to a “YOU”?

What message is this,   “I”?   What  is it that passes through?

To this attempt to be a “you” contained

Afraid of being repeatedly blamed


Am “I “ an “I” too? Which is blaming a  “you”?

When  this “I” says a “NO” to what you think “you” are and do

Feel that blame, feel it through and through

Let yourself slip into something old and yet new


That worthless pit of good intent

Is really poisoned daggers sent

To harm the beautiful being “you” think  “you” really are

Now when “you” are least  ready “you” will go far


Back to this moment with clarity beaming

Back to a life full of no meaning

No concepts to hold “you” tight

Nothing to  let go of when the time is right


Its not wrong what “you” do its part of  unlearning

Just another realization corner, leaf unfurling


Each form gives way to new forms as new figures emerge

This next and this always are on the verge…


So what have “you” unlearnt from this wise old sage?

And what are “you” feeling?”

“ you’re feeling rage!”

“You” didn’t like my NO SELF and “you’re” feeling betrayed?”


From this way and these ways “ I” will  all-ways and in no way stray

These ways are what is beyond this face

They are what hold this life in space

This  human drive is god given grace.


Without this no life form  independently grows

There is nothing to do and there is nowhere to go

There are no miracles, no hard earned joy and no effort driven bliss

There is no  who “I” am and there is only what is


Now  see these tears as “you” melts  in  Love’s arms

Feel how division and duality both seems to help and yet harm

Real-eyes see this rage is not “yours”

That “you” were never then, now or before





“You” need not carry “you” just walk this walk

Being this is “you” talking this talk

By  not thinking “your” thinking  and breeding “you” thoughts


Now you are free and so is “your you”

This is not betrayal, this is soul relief

To see beyond the person to that which resides beyond and beneath

Beyond the mask you thought “you” were

Beyond soft intentions and triviality


This is where “you” and “I” both shatter and  meet

Eye to eye, heart to heart and ground under feet

This is where love moves through

This is all, there really is, “you” have nothing to do


Notice respectfully, the bone arches

Through which the human Spirit goes


“I” can not know which way that is


All ways are one way

For any way followed to its extreme becomes its opposition.

Life is flux

Life is impermanent

This is its only permanence.

Life insists on wholism

Nothing is eternally denied.

Truth always becomes untrue,and total.


I see figures emerge through what has been missed

I see form-taking shape through that which is now seen

From the heartfelt paradoxical wisdom  and that which lies beyond and between


That which is contained is set free

That which is endlessly free is restrained

And the path is created in the walking.



























I eat when I am hungry

And sleep when I am tired

I live whilst I am living

And die when I am dead


Born endlessly in each sunrise

Rest a little longer each night


For I am in all seasons

I am from where all winds are blown.


Heaven or home.

Beyond all aloneness, set in a mystery thus told.












































Once Realized


All pleasure is transient

Realize the luminosity of your eternal mind

Beyond the duality of pleasure or pain,

Beyond all difference.

You are all beings

In you all differences are one.

Once realized

Never reborn.


Separation of forms.

Even the notion of your unique death.

All is illusory.

You and I are all one.










































Our Prayer




One Spirit alive in all forms,

Named, as if captured, all things sacred and profane.

Blessed are we in the painful bliss of the seemingly scarce abundance of Love.

As we choose our chosen path.

We stand on this earth with balance and clarity.

For the Kingdom of now is immanent and transcendent.

In which all is powerlessly powerful and full of glory.

So be it as it will always be

just as it is...








VJ.Tim Carrette
































There are a thousand words unspoken

There are places we barely touch

There is a softening of your gaze

There is this blissful pleasure haze


All of this, we are two

Both intrinsically together and innocent

Separately full of soul knowledge

Dancing light pictures of is-ness


Then I feel the silence

Penetrating closer than all things

Several leagues deeper

Than this trivial truth.



Tim Carrette




































Eventually, my eyes will close, before sunrise.


Rarely do lovers’ eyes stay closed until sunrise

Awoken are they! by the sweet melodies of life’s loving scent.

My fingers linger over the soft cascades of your delicate skin

Sleep is a poor bedfellow compared to the intimate heartsong of the lovers embrace.



Within each tiny chasm lie deeper secrets to unfold

Told only by the magnificent glory of all love’s love

Rest with me awhile amidst our merry slumber

Slowly as we enter the gates of the ethereal mystical.



Together we create our mutually unfolding ground

The ground upon which the very being of our souls collide

Gently and slowly, peacefully and ecstatically

Knowing all that there is to be known

About a journey we have yet to know.


Eventually, my eyes will close before sunrise

Then I will know the place from which our hearts do grow.


























iam the wood and axe are one

axe splits wood

iam the fire that creates the wood

destroys the wood

creates the ash

that I throw on new earth

one earth birthing new forms



this life comes thru me

Iam a participatory being

This life comes from me

Iam a being being

Doing, what beingness becomes me

Feeling my shove and falter

Life is my sacramental alter


Where are you?

Part of the flow

Means you come and go

Hide and seek

Mystical peaks over the horizon

Something to feast your eyes upon



So how do I find happiness?

Well firstly, that is presuming that a state of only happiness is possible

Is it not?

Well it is if u transcend ego and emotion, duality

That is what we r here todo and what we r doing

But the thing to realise and this is very important

For most of us need really not to focus so much on transcendin the self but knowing and mastering the self b4 it is transcended

So the important task is to know ourselvbes

Not transcend ourselves

Know all of who we r reclaim our whole potential

This reclaimation involves awareness

Ownership of energy

Emotional cognitive somatic/body and spiritual

Until we r in a place of choice

Then we choose where we stand in relation to spirit

R at one with what is happening now no duality


Until we revisted our need to keep reclaimin soul remnants

















It is the diminished ecstasy of our creation that all that is becomes being,becomes being becomes is…. All beings are thus becoming in the vastness of their beingness.Being in the vastness of their becomingness.
















































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Vj.Tim Carrette:


 is a  Psychotherapist, Poet, Musician

 and Writer.

Also trained in Shamanism and Tantra.

He is a currently writing and researching in

Non Duality and Psychotherapy.

He lives in Nottingham , England

with his three children.



Website address:

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