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"Supervision involves the co-creation and negotiation of meaning between Supervisor and psychotherapist in order to faciliatate a similar process between psychotherapist and client.It aims to enable the client to be aware of the reciprical mutual influence in all human relationships." (Gilbert and Evans)

I see Supervision as a container. My role as Supervisor is to contain my supervisee's working relationship within their therapeutic encounter with their client.To this end all that my supervisee experiences; theoretically, emotionally, in their body and spirit is pertinent to the task in hand.

My approach to supervision is humanistic, dialogical and inter-relational. Focusing on:

The "here and now" processes of the supervisory contact and the way they transferencially reflect the supervisee's work with their client.

The "there and then" content of the session(s) as presented to me by my supervisee.
With particular attention given to the contract made between psychotherapist and client and the stated contract made by supervisee and myself within the present session.

I offer both Individual and group supervision sessions.

All work is held within the confidentiality and ethical professional boundaries as given by U.K.C.P.

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